Taking care of you

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Welcome !

Naturopath and holistic therapist in the French Riviera, I provide customised support for people, animals and places so that you can live in harmony.

I have been studying plants and antural remedies, nutrition, relaxation methods and holistic healing for more than 12 years in order to help :
– children and adults
– pregnant women and new borns (specialised in perinatality)
– seniors
– pets (with animal communication)
– your home, holiday house, place of work, etc.

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Consultations during which I will help you find the best way to support you with : nutrition, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, homeopathy, herbal remedies, relaxation, heart rate coherence, etc. These natural therapies can help you as a preventive approach as well as a mean to deal with what you are already suffering from.

Holistic healing

In addition to the natural remedies and advice for a better hygiene and diet, I provide holistic care including healing sessions. It is a wonderful way to take care of you on a more subtle level, working on every dimension of your being: body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit and also inquire for deeper problems like karmic or transgenerational issues. It works for people and for animals.

The places you live in, or spend time in like your home or workplace, can also be the stage of your ill-being or, more importantly, your well-being. Understanding how the energies acting in a space can be meaningful in your life or family or business can help you go beyond some difficult challenges in life. Assessing and harmonsing these energies and finding solutions to issues that can be deeply rooted in a place like your home is part of my job.

Let me know if you need more information or an appointment.


I have been setting up classes, conferences and workshop for many years in order to help people understand better how they work, feel or how the world evolves and offers us challenges that will help us grow up. In addition to those, I provide personalised interviews which aim at helping you on your path through life.

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If you are curious to know more about me please click here, if you want to know where to find me and all about the services I provide you can click here.

Please, contact me if you need anything or if you have questions. In the meantime, take care !

The consultations, services and advice I provide cannot be a replacement for medical care with health professionals, I strongly recommend that you keep on having a medical follow-up. The consultations are a safe space with no judgement and privacy.



I am realy happy with the services provided by Isabelle Desplaces, I had a first consultation with a thorough assessment of my environment, my issues and troubles. She made a connection between body and spirit. She helps me with natural supplements and when that does not work she looks into different options until she finds the right one, having many tools in her bag. The counseling she gives is relevant and kind. She is patient, kind, relentless and very professional. I really recommend her.
Mésange Bleue – Saint Leu la Forêt (95)


Thank you so much Isabelle for the care you provide me and my family with each time we come to you. Thank you so much for your teachings and classes that are inspiring on so many levels ! I feel lucky to have you ! Even the more in those changing times ! A thousand thanks to you for everything !
Sandrine – Montauroux (83)


I had the opportunity to see Isabelle as a therapist and I really appreciated the relevance and accuracy of her words, her gentleness, the kind energy she has and her re-harmonising and balancing work. I also participated in a group workshop about animal communication and it helped me get better. It was an enriching moment in terms of information, sharing and meeting with other people. Thanks for everything.
Sabrina – Tanneron (06)


I warmly recommend Isabelle. She has been helping me for several years for a nutcracker syndrom (with symptoms similar to endometriosis), kidney and stomach pain, blood circulation troubles and I feel like I can live again thanks to her ! The medical system is helpless for my situation. Without meeting her, I certainly might have had to stop working ! Thanks to her good care, I can deal with all that and I feel a lot better. In addition, Isabelle guided me so that I can listen to me and my needs better and understand myself better. I cannot thank her enough ! 😊
Sakura D


I deeply recommend Isabelle.
She helped me with empathy, generosity and professionalism in several difficult moments of mu life: cancer, life changes.
Each consultation with Isabelle is a magic and comforting moment. Go meet her with confidence !

Catherine C , Cannes (06 )