Services and appointments

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The consultation is a special moment during which I take care of you, a dedicated time for healing, being listened to and speak freely. All of the listed services below can be made on the phone if you cannot come to the office.

You can contact me on my phone: (+33) 06 60 57 81 89 or send me an email at : Please, leave a message and let me some time to come back to you and do not hesitate to send me a text message if you do not hear from me soon enough. 



  • First consultation or long consultation (1h-1h30) – 70€
  • Follow-up consultation (45 to 60 min) – 50€
  • Perinatal consultation (1h) – 60€
    Family consultation : parents-baby from pre-conception to your child’s 3 years old
  • Animal Consultation – 60€
    The animal consultations include an animal communication session and a holistic healing session allowing me to asset the animal’s issues to which I provide solutions being on a naturopathic level (plants, natural remedies), holistic care level or inviting you to change the animal’s routines, diet or anything that can help everyone to find balance and harmony.  I mostly work on photos but I can come to your house if necessary (a travel fee will be added to the consultation pricing).

*Energetic healing session allowing me to work on every dimension of your being (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, karmic, transgenerational…) including other tools and techniques such as minerals, meditation, olfactotherapy and so on.


  • Transgenerational healing (2h) 120€
    If you need to work on a transgenerational level, this session will allow us to take the time to establish your family tree, to assess the most important issues and links between your ancestors. We will strive to find the problems your ancestors had or created and that are causing troubles in the present for you or your children, and then we take action to work them out. Follow-up consultation  (1h – 60€)
  • Houses healing / evaluation and correction of your home or workplace energies (quotation on demand) from 150€
    Understanding the different kinds of troubles your can find in a home or any other place and correcting the energies so that this place and its users can find peace and harmony. Click here for more details.
  • Healing session « Finding yourself » (2h) 170€ ( 3 sessions : 450€)
    Two whole hours dedicated to re-connecting to you-rself. Holistic healing session including many tools helping you on your journey to healing. Only on Saturdays or Thursday afternoons.
  • Mentoring – counseling (1h) – 60€
    Individual sessions helping you go further on your personal journey, learning specific skills, personal growth, and everything you should need guidance for.  For classes, workshops, conferences, etc. see the planing here.


At the office
My office is located :  65 boulevard du 8 mai 06550 La Roquette sur Siagne.
It is in the same building as the pharmacy. Free car parking in front and accessible to wheelchairs. If you need any accommodation, please let me know.

For parking:

You can take bus n°16 of Sillages from Mouans-Sartoux train station and stop at « La Roquette village » in 15 minutes. Click here if you need the schedule.

At home appointments
If you live reasonably near my home or office, I can come visit at your place, especially if you are handicapped, pregnant or in any need for me to come to you. Please note that I will ask for up to 15€ in addition to the appointment price depending of where you live.

Remote / online appointments
Appointments can be conducted over the phone or online. I will send you an email explaining what I need you to send me in order to work and I will kindly ask that you pay forward by bank transfer for the first appointment.


Please, note that you can pay the services with cash, checks or bank transfer. 




The consultations, services and advice I provide cannot be a replacement for medical care with health professionals, I strongly recommend that you keep on having a medical follow-up. The consultations are a safe space with no judgement and privacy.